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23rd December 2010

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Room 101 305 by Camacho Review

Room 101 305 (Robusto) by Camacho Review

By Michael


Wrapper: Semilla 101 (Honduras)

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Honduran and Dominican

For this review I smoked a Room 101 305 (the robusto offering) blended by Camacho cigars. Room 101 cigars are a collaboration between Matt Booth and the Eiroa family (Camacho cigars). The wrapper of the Room 101 cigar line, the Semilla 101, is grown soley for this project by the Eiroa family in Honduras. The original Room 101 cigars come in six vitolas and the new LTD Conjura in four. For a little more info on how Matt and Eiroa cam up with the cigar visit the Room 101 website.

I was given this cigar at the Camacho event held by the Cigar Shop Biloxi a couple months back, and I wanted to finally post a review of it. I’ve smoked a couple of these before and enjoyed them while herfing with friends, but it’s always fun to see how a cigar holds up to review.

The Room 101 robusto was wrapped in a smooth brown wrapper, with a few small veins. The cigar had a light bounce to it throughout the length of the cigar; cap was fairly well applied, though slightly uneven. The aroma was sweet and floral. Clipped with my LP#9 cutter, prelight draw was very loose and had a faint leathery flavor. Lit with a Room 101 match.

One of the first things I noticed was how easy the draw remained and the large amount of thick, creamy smoke it produced. The flavors were initially of dark chocolate, floral and a pronounced earth flavor on the finish. Through the retrohale there was a hint of pepper and a chocolate-fruity sort of sweetness. About midway through the first third a very rich espresso flavor joined the flavor profile and really brought the cigar to the “next level”. The thick smoke continued to coat my palate and really made it so that the finish was very long. The aroma off the cigar was fantastic, it smelled like a chocolate-coffee cake.


Heading into the second third the profile was still exactly the same, except the chocolate flavor has gotten sweeter rather than dark. Otherwise the flavors of earth, chocolate, espresso and a brief floral flavor are the same with a hint of pepper and chocolate-fruity sweetness through the nose. About the midway point of the cigar the floral note seemed to have left the flavor profile.


In the final third the flavor was again of rich espresso, earth but the chocolate notes have been replaced by an oak flavor. The retrohale remained the same but with the pepper picking up. The draw was still very loose and produced a lot of thick smoke. The burn was great through out. Medium bodied.


The Room 101 305 is a damn fine cigar. The first time I smoked one I wasn’t overly impressed by the line, but found them to be a great shop smoke. But I have grown to really enjoy the cigar, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed the cigar for the review. I know that a few people are really mixed on this cigar… just like most of Camacho’s products. The rich flavors of chocolate, espresso, and coffee was balanced with some floral notes, sweetness, pepper and oak. The cigar is well constructed, even though the draw is a little looser than I prefer. For around $7 a cigar they are well worth the price. I know that there are a ton of cigar out there in this price range but I would recommend at least trying them, if not buying a fiver. I do think that they are better with a few months to a year of age on them, but they are certainly good out of the box. I would pair this cigar with a scotch, an English brown ale, or Belgian brown.

Total smoking time 65 minutes.



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