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5th February 2011

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Camacho Liberty 2010 review

Camacho Liberty 2010 Review

By Michael


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Honduran Corojo

Filler: Honduran Corojo and Dominican Ligero

I decided to do a review of the Camacho Liberty 2010 on Christmas Day. The cigar was a gift from my girlfriend and after an awesome Christmas dinner with friends we went outside and enjoyed our Christmas smoke. The Liberty series was started in 2002 and was originally released in five vitolas. The liberty series has since continued on with one release of one vitola, the 11/18 perfecto (with the exception of two releases of a different vitola in 2004). 2007 and 2008 releases were barber poles, and since 2003 (I think) all the liberty’s have been individually wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a coffin. The Liberty series is definitely showy and often comes with a price tag that you would expect to find on limited cigars, though not too bad. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a big fan of most Camacho cigars and thought that the 2009 Liberty was enjoyable (the only one I’ve smoked to this date). So how is the 2010 Liberty?

The 6” x 54 2010 Liberty was wrapped in a light brown, slightly splotchy Sumatran wrapper, with few veins and a very shiny sheen. It was well constructed, a slight bit of bounce (but not spongy) though out the length of the cigar, and a well applied cap. The aroma both off the unlit foot and the length of the cigar was very cedary. I clipped the cap with my LP9 cutter; pre-light draw tasted faintly of cedar and nuts.

The flavors in the first third of the cigar were a very smooth mix of cedar, leather, earth and spice on the back end. When retrohaled the flavor was lightly of nuts and cedar. The cigar produced lots of thick smoke that coated my palate. Midway through the first third the cedar flavor really ramped up… almost but not quite over powering the other nuances.


In the second third the flavors remained the same but I got a slight coffee flavor that crept in every once in a while. The smoke was still very thick and the cigar burned slowly. The burn was a bit wavy but never required a touch up.


In the final third the cedar mellowed, the leather has left but coffee, earth and still the spice on the finish remained. The retrohale flavors mellowed out considerably in the final third and the nut flavor has left. I put the cigar down when it became hot in my hand. The body began around medium and sneaked up into the full range.


The Camacho Liberty 2010 is an extremely enjoyable cigar. It is very smooth and flavorful, though not very complex. The flavors may be somewhat straight forward but they are great! The 2010 is a very slow burning cigar, and well constructed, so you definitely feel that you get your money worth. A friend of mine often remarks that if Camacho would spend a little less on packaging their cigars could be a bit cheaper. For a limited release cigar with ton’s of beautiful packaging I still felt that the cigar was worth $16.89 (at The Cigar Shop Biloxi). The burn is a little wavy but it never required a touch up and burned great. I know that it is often hard justifying a $15+ price tag but this is an enjoyable celebratory smoke and is worth it. I enjoyed the 2009 liberty but I find that I liked the 2010 quite a bit more. I paired this cigar with a couple glasses of Rosewood Shiraz (I’m usually not a big wine drinker but I do enjoy this Shiraz), which I also had with dinner. I was very surprised that the wine and cigar pairing went very well. I think it’s because the wine wasn’t that sweet (not a sweet wine fan) and the bit of fruit/ tannin flavors went well with the cedar, earth and spice.

Total smoking time about 120 minutes.


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